Wolfgang Boenisch

The German Negotiation Expert

Wolfgang BoenischNegotiation is my profession and passion

With more than 35 years of professional experience I have negotiated about almost everything imaginable: My life, Others lifes, contracts worth millions, relationship, jobs, mortgages, sales in every aspect,…
I do sports since I was a child and I tried a lot. Now I’m in Golf, running and I visit the Gym quite regularly. On the other hand I like cooking and fine dining together with excellent wine.
I am a very proud grandpa since October 2010:-)

The Negotiation Rescuer

Wolfgang Boenisch is a speaker and trainer with international experience, author of the book “Werkstatt fuer Verhandlungskunst” and “The Art of Negotiation”. He lives in Erfurt, Germany.

Wolfgangs first professional experience in negotiations goes back to his first career as a Police-Officer in Germany in the 1970’ies when he had to cope with life or death situations. From 1984 to 1994 he participated in distance learning courses and successfully graduated in economics.

In 1990 Wolfgang Boenisch started a new career in the sales force within the pharmaceutical industry and worked for several multinational companies for the next 10 years. In this time he constantly negotiated contracts with professionals from the health care industry and climbed up the ladder from a sales rep to the sales director.

He has founded his Training and Consulting Company in 2001 together with his wife. During the first years they delivered sales training for the health care industry and ran a coaching program from Leadership Management International. Since 2008 Wolfgang focuses on negotiation and has facilitated seminars about that topic in several countries across Europe in German and English language. He is an approved member of the German Speakers Association since 2008. Wolfgang Boenisch is also a lecturer at a private university in Hamburg.

The German Negotiator

Negotiation B2B is my topic and I’m focussing on just a few industries with technical stuff: Automotive, Aircrafts, IT, Telecom, Machinery, New Energy, Plant Engineering and Construction,

If you have to cope with German counterparts in your negotiations I’m going to help you to get better results!

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